A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

M&M's Mpire

CONCEPT: M&M’s/Mars tasked their partner agencies to come up with a big promotional idea. Grey Interactive’s creative team came up with a stellar one: tie into the upcoming Star Wars blockbuster Revenge of the Sith. Launch a line of limited-release Dark Chocolate M&M’s. And have Dark Chocolate represent the Dark side of the Force, while Original Milk Chocolate stands for the Jedi. Thus was born Dare to Go to the Dark Side.

The potential was so huge, Mars extended the campaign across their Skittles, Combos and Kudos brands. 

EXECUTION:  It was a massive collaboration between the brands’ digital, promotional and traditional advertising agencies. Grey Interactive executed the digital side of M&M’s Mpire campaign as well as the Skittles Hunt for Grievous game and sweeps. As Executive Creative Director of Grey Interactive, I oversaw creative development and production of all campaign elements from inception through launch. Our MVP was ACD Nick Braccia, Star Wars expert and originator of the concept, He was the natural choice to act as liaison between Lucasfilm and all partner agencies, and ensured an on-point execution acknowledged by George Lucas himself for its accuracy.

RESULTS: M&M’s Mpire was Mars’ record retail sell-in to date. It generated huge PR buzz, garnered 16 awards across advertising and promotional festivals, and was fully integrated across all touchpoints. Dark Chocolate M&M’s became a permanent fixture in their product collection. There was even a retail line of Mpire toys.  

But the greatest impact was on the brand’s business model. M&M’s continued to partner with summer blockbusters, creating product formulas to go with film themes. And M&M’s still tests limited editions of new flavors before permanently incorporating them into their line.

The Force was most definitely with us.

The Dare To Go To The Dark Side video trailer appeared on site, in digital ads, on M&M’s YouTube channel, and was used in PR and in store.