Hello. Nice to meet you. Here's a bit about me. 

I'm a Creative Director/Writer with the brain of a strategist and the soul of a storyteller. A digital pioneer with a traditional pedigree, I’m experienced in all forms of advertising: site, social, video, print, experiential and promotional. 

I’ve supervised the execution of creative that increased ROI for some of the world's biggest brands; led pitches (40% conversion rate); built a 25+ creative department (90% retention rate). I’ve won awards, conceived native content for publishing powerhouses like Conde Nast, concepted brand partnerships with IBM Watson, and named iced coffee concoctions for Godiva. I’m insanely proud of people I’ve mentored, and many are now successful creative directors in their own right. 

My heart lies in the hunt for the right idea - a concept steeped in simplicity that works across channels without having to be force fit it into a tactic. I’ve got an instinct for honing in on the consumer hot buttons that feed strategies, launch storylines, and inspire emotionally-charged work that moves people to action and brands off shelves. 

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